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The integration of AI in healthcare has been increasingly prominent, with a significant focus on diagnostics, treatment planning, and patient engagement. GPT-4, a notable advancement in AI, has shown impressive capabilities in medical competency exams and medical consultations, indicating a promising future for healthcare innovation.

A key area of GPT-4’s application is in radiology, a critical field for disease diagnosis and treatment using imaging technologies like x-rays, CT, and MRI scans. A paper titled “Exploring the Boundaries of GPT-4 in Radiology,” presented at EMNLP 2023, delves into GPT-4’s abilities and limitations in radiology. This research, a collaboration with Nuance (a Microsoft company), evaluated GPT-4’s ability to process radiology reports, focusing on language understanding and generation tasks like disease classification and findings summarization. A comprehensive evaluation and error analysis framework, developed with a board-certified radiologist, was used for this purpose.

GPT-4’s capability to automatically structure radiology reports into a more standardized format was also highlighted. This structuring can enhance the interpretability of reports by healthcare providers and facilitate research and quality improvement initiatives. Additionally, it supports the use of real-world data (RWD) and real-world evidence (RWE) in clinical trials and practice.

Furthermore, GPT-4 can translate medical reports into more empathetic and understandable formats for patients and health professionals, potentially revolutionizing patient engagement and education. This advancement underscores the transformative impact of AI in healthcare, extending beyond diagnostics to improving patient understanding and involvement in their care.

Every day, data brokers profit from your sensitive info—phone number, DOB, SSN—selling it to the highest bidder. And who’s buying it? Best case: Companies targeting you with ads. Worst case: Scammers and identity thieves.

It’s time you check out Incogni. It scrubs your personal data from the web, confronting the world’s data brokers on your behalf. And unlike other services, Incogni helps remove your sensitive information from all broker types, including those tricky People Search Sites.

Amazon recently introduced Q, an AI-powered chatbot designed for AWS customers, at the re:Invent conference in Las Vegas. Priced at $20 per user per year and currently in public preview, Q is trained on 17 years of AWS knowledge and can provide solutions and advice on AWS-related queries. AWS CEO Adam Selipsky highlighted its capabilities in content generation, taking actions, and understanding specific business needs by connecting to various apps and software like Salesforce, Jira, Zendesk, Gmail, and Amazon S3 storage.

Q is not just a question-answer tool; it can generate and summarize content, create service tickets, notify teams in Slack, and update dashboards in ServiceNow. It incorporates a validation step for actions it proposes. Q’s extensive understanding of AWS allows it to offer tailored solutions for different applications, considering performance and cost.

Additionally, Q integrates with CodeWhisperer, Amazon’s service for generating and interpreting app code, supporting tasks like software benchmarking, drafting plans, and documentation for new features or code upgrades. However, its code transformation features are currently limited to upgrading Java apps and require a CodeWhisperer Professional subscription.

Q represents Amazon’s move into the realm of AI-powered cloud assistants, similar to Microsoft’s Copilot for Azure and Google Cloud’s Duet AI, offering a broad range of business intelligence, programming, and configuration capabilities. Its introduction is seen as a significant development in AI-assisted development and cloud management tools.

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Pika – Idea-to-video platform that brings your creativity to motion

Neets AI – Cheap and robust TTS platform

Walling AI – Turn your idea into a complete project in seconds with AI

Haven – Fine-Tune Open Source LLMs and run them anywhere

Jungle Gym – Open source playground for Building Autonomous Web Agents – Combining psychology with computer vision – Text prompt to SVG illustration

Itair – AI-powered travel planning for human-created memories

How to create folders in ChatGPT

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