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  • 🤑 I turned my full-time corporate job into a part-time one using ChatGPT

  • ⏳ TIME100, The Most Influential People in AI

  • 🗒️ Templates coming to ChatGPT Enterprise

  • 🧰 Various AI-related tools and platforms. AI travel agent, AI code reviewer, AI that’s built for schools, AI therapy app, a real estate description generator, and more.

Top News

Gems from Reddit [Link]

  • Tonight I was able to have a truly mind-blowing discussion with a seemingly sentient GPT 4. [Link]

  • A simple but helpful way to use ChatGPT [Link]

  • Using ChatGPT, I turned my full-time corporate job into a part-time one and still get paid the full-time salary [Link]

  • I used AI to clone my voice and create an automated daily podcast that’s getting downloads [Link]

The AI team you didn’t know your company needed — until now [Link]

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The members of the TIME100 AI span 18-year-old Sneha Revanur, who recently met with the Biden Administration as part of her work leading Encode Justice, a youth-led movement organizing for ethical AI, to 76-year-old Geoffrey Hinton, who left his position at Google this spring to speak about the dangers of the technology he helped bring into existence. We are excited to bring you the many different stories represented by these individuals and the transformation they are helping lead. (TIME’s owners and co-chairs Marc and Lynne Benioff have invested in AI startup companies; Salesforce, where Marc Benioff is CEO, has invested in AI companies as well. We have disclosed these investments where relevant.)

Note: The list is noticeably missing some major researchers in the field such as Kaparthy, Radford, David holz, and a few others. As some would say, “Don’t take most lists seriously

Templates coming to ChatGPT Enterprise! [Link]

If you are a Superpower ChatGPT user, the good news is you should already have access to a similar feature through Custom Instruction Profiles for free.

Other stuff

  • Imbue raises $200M to build AI models that can ‘robustly reason’ [Link][Video] RECOMMENDED

  • Podcast: Sam Altman CEO of OpenAI: ChatGPT, Future of AI, AGI, and China [Link] RECOMMENDED

  • Anthropic’s Claude AI, ChatGPT’s biggest competitor, gets a paid plan at $20 for heavy users [Link]

  • eBay rolls out a tool that generates product listings from photos [Link]

  • Artists sign open letter saying generative AI is good, actually [Link]

  • Chris Lattner: Future of Programming and AI | Lex Fridman Podcast [Link] RECOMMENDED

  • Tutorial: Creating a YouTube Summarizer using Langchain [Link]

  • China suspected of using AI on social media to sway US voters, Microsoft says [Link]

  • adds a bunch of AI-related words [Link]

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Tools & LinkS

Editor’s Pick ✨

Mindtrip – wants to become your AI travel agent [Waitlist][Blog]

Editor’s Pick ✨

GPT Pilot – codes the entire app as you oversee the code being written [GitHub]

Retool AI – Build AI apps and workflows 10x faster [Link]

Flint – An AI platform built for schools. [Link]

Deepen – AI therapy & counseling [Link]

Plutis – On-demand, modern-day mental healthcare. [Link]

PullRequest – Automated Reviews for GitHub Pull Requests [Link]

Boolvideo – Turn your creatives into cinematic videos with AI [Link]

Dokkio AI – Your AI-powered assistant to organize & manage digital mess [Link]

Meeting Cost Calculator, by Ramp – See how much each meeting costs, directly in Google Cal [Link]

JoyAI – Generative AI for Salesforce – Connecting businesses with generative AI in meaningful ways [Link]

EasyListing.Info – Real estate description generator [Link]

A2O AItakes structured & unstructured data and gives precise answers using Generative AI. [Link]

InstaphrasePending deadlines? We got you – Simply describe your assignment. [Link]

LitGrades – AI-powered flashcards and quizzes for students [Link]

SpotGPT by Spottabl – Free GenAI Tool for Recruiters & Interviewers [Link]

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