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  • 🧠 Superintelligent AIs are coming soon

  • ⚡️ Powering AI could use as much electricity as a small country

  • 💃 How Non-Tech Brands Use AI: Fashion

  • 🛠 Various AI-related tools and platforms. Instantly ChatGPT-powered chatbots, an API for the internet, convince an AI that you’re the best artist, developer-friendly, serverless vector database, a new operating system for the internet, AI-Powered Slouch Detection, AI project manager, and more.

Top News

ElevenLabs Launches Voice Translation Tool to Break Down Language Barriers for Content [Link]

  • Voice AI platform ElevenLabs unveils new AI Dubbing feature – the biggest milestone yet in the company’s efforts to remove language barriers and foster universal accessibility of content

  • This voice translation tool can convert spoken content to another language in minutes while preserving the voice of the original speaker. Built on top of the company’s own research, this means audiences globally will be able to enjoy content in their native language

  • The new AI dubbing feature empowers all creators, educators, and media companies to reach a global audience with a few clicks. This follows the recent launch of ElevenLabs’ Projects tool to support streamlined long-form audio creation

AE Studio – The AI team you didn’t know your company needed — until now [Link]

Not sure how to implement the right AI strategy for your product? Hire AE Studio’s world class team of software builders to craft and implement the optimal AI solution for your business.

Our development, data science and design studio work closely with founders and executives to create custom software, machine learning and BCI solutions.

Adobe’s next-gen Firefly 2 offers vector graphics, more control, and photorealistic renders [Link]

  • Adobe Firefly is an AI-powered tool for generating images from text prompts.

  • It’s integrated into Photoshop, Illustrator, and Adobe Express, and is available as a standalone web app.

  • New features introduced include the Adobe Firefly Image 2 Model for improved image quality, Text to Vector Graphics in Illustrator, and Text to Template in Adobe Express.

  • Adobe emphasizes user control, commercial safety, and responsible AI development, including measures against bias and harm.

  • A comparison of the same prompt used with Firefly 2, Midjourney, and DALL-E 3 before.[Link]

  • Brand new Text to Vector Graphic (beta) in Adobe Illustrator! Pretty mind-blowing [Link]

Joe Rogan + Sam Altman – Superintelligent AIs are coming soon [Full Video]

Joe Rogan: “When you started OpenAI, what kind of timeline did you have in mind, and has it stayed on that timeline?”

Sam Altman:AGI isn’t the endpoint. To accomplish [ASI – Artificial Superintelligence], that will take us until 2030 or 2031. That has felt to me, all the way through, kind of a reasonable estimate with huge error bars. I think we’re on the trajectory I would have assumed.”

Note: OpenAI thinks superintelligence could arrive much sooner than that, which is why their super alignment team – their “AI Notkilleveryoneism” team – set a 4-year deadline for solving alignment (now just ~3.5 years left)

In other words, Sam Altman expects, soon, an alien species will arrive on Earth that will surpass mere humans at every skill, from science to art.

Other stuff

  • How Non-Tech Brands Use AI: Fashion [Link] RECOMMENDED

  • Just a day after Google, Microsoft also announced new AI tools to help doctors deliver better care [Link]

  • Saudi-China collaboration raises concerns about access to AI chips [Link]

  • Powering AI could use as much electricity as a small country [Link]

  • Show all your instructions” [Link] RECOMMENDED

  • Querying the Los Angeles Crime Database with GPT-4 [Link]

  • Prompt Sharing! – Double exposure nature illustrations with DALL-E 3 [Link] RECOMMENDED

  • Midjourney + AI Site Builder | Webflow Live Build [Link]

Superpower ChatGPT 5.0.0 has been released. 🎉

The most powerful release yet with Prompt Chains, AutoComplete Menu, Quick Sync, Custom Instruction Profiles, and many more features.

Superpower ChatGPT Extension on Chrome
Superpower ChatGPT Extension on Firefox
Tools & LinkS

Editor’s Pick ✨

Wonderchat 💬Instantly build ChatGPT-powered chatbots trained on website links or PDF files. [Link]

Editor’s Pick ✨

SingleAPI – GPT-4 powered API that navigates the web and extracts data from any website as JSON. [Link]

Paint WTF – Convince an AI that you’re the best artist.[Link]

Tabby – An open-source challenger to GitHub Copilot [Link]

Tidalflow helps any software play nice with ChatGPT and other LLM ecosystems [Link]

LanceDB – Developer-friendly, serverless vector database for AI applications. [GitHub]

Refact is a powerful AI coding assistant that combines completion, refactoring, chat, and more.[Link]

Space OS — A new operating system for the internet. [Link][Blog]

PlayFetch – Get your prompts out of your codebase [Link]

AI-Powered Slouch Detection  Mac App [Link]

AI-Powered Lean Canvas Generator [link]
A Lean Canvas is a one-page business plan template that helps entrepreneurs deconstruct their ideas into key assumptions.

Compliance – Security Compliance Automated with AI [Link]

CallZen AI – Conversational AI for customer success [Link]

TranslateVideo 2.0 – Translate videos to 75+ languages using AI with just 1-click [Link]

Control – Freehand website editor [Link]

mDash – Your new AI project manager [Link]

Figma to Tailwind CSS – Convert Figma designs into Tailwind CSS code in 1 click [Link] – Create custom AI models on your own data with no code [Link]

Prompt of the Day 🍭: Sport Routine to Program

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