The Corporate AI Revolution Big Tech has shifted the investment landscape, overshadowing traditional venture capitalist firms. With significant financial powerhouses diving deep into AI, 2023 saw a surge in corporate venture funding.

AI: A Global Regulatory Focus

  • As AI capabilities leap forward, governments worldwide are taking notice.

  • Different nations are gravitating towards varying regulatory stances, from laissez-faire to rigorous control.

  • Global governance proposals are on the horizon, with numerous institutional models as potential blueprints.

The UK Leads in AI Safety Deliberations

  • The upcoming UK’s AI Safety Summit, spearheaded by Matthew Clifford and team, is set to address and possibly streamline these global governance thoughts.

  • Previous #stateofai reports cautioned about the negligence of safety concerns by major laboratories.

Year of the Existential Debate

  • 2023 spotlighted the debate over “x-risk” (extinction risk) in AI, leading to a rift between proponents of open and closed AI research.

  • Notable figures such as Yann LeCun and Marc Andreessen have expressed their skepticism.

Governmental Efforts in AI Oversight

  • Policymakers, sensing the gravity of the situation, are actively striving to comprehend the looming risks.

  • UK takes the lead with a Frontier AI Taskforce under the leadership of Soundboy.

  • The US is not far behind, initiating congressional investigations into the matter.

Past Predictions: A Mixed Bag

Forecast for the Upcoming Year

  • Upcoming Trends:

    • Cinematic wonders with GenAI in filmmaking.

    • AI’s influence on electoral processes.

    • Rise of self-evolving AI agents.

    • Resurgence of IPOs.

    • Investment in models surpassing $1 billion.

    • Scrutiny over competitive practices.

    • Calls for international AI governance.

    • Banking sector’s tryst with GPUs.

    • AI’s symphony in the music industry.

    • Acquisitions in the chip-making sector.

  • Team efforts defined the report, with Soundboy taking a hiatus to concentrate on the UK’s Frontier AI initiative.

  • Kudos to Osebbouh, Corina Gurau, and Chalmermagne for their contributions.

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