The Backdrop Silicon Valley magnates, primarily led by Facebook co-founder and Asana CEO Dustin Moskovitz, are funding AI experts in key political and policy-making positions. Through Open Philanthropy, a major chunk of these AI specialists, known as Horizon AI fellows, are placed in influential congressional offices, federal agencies, and think tanks.

  • Open Philanthropy: The main financial force behind the Horizon AI fellows.

  • Horizon Institute for Public Service: The non-profit through which Open Philanthropy channels its funding for these fellows.

  • OpenAI and Anthropic: Leading AI firms with significant ties to Moskovitz and Open Philanthropy.

The Concern Critics argue that this billionaire-backed influence is diverting attention from immediate AI concerns, like bias and privacy issues, to more speculative, long-term risks. They fear this could benefit big tech firms by avoiding regulations that might restrict them.

  • Senate: Key senators involved in AI legislation have Horizon fellows in their teams.

  • Federal Departments: Horizon AI fellows are present in the Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security, and the State Department.

  • Think Tanks: Institutions like the RAND Corporation and Georgetown University’s Center for Security and Emerging Technology have Horizon fellows shaping AI policy.

  • For the Long-Term Focus: Open Philanthropy argues that they’re addressing potential catastrophic risks posed by future AI systems.

  • Against the Long-Term Focus: Critics, like AI researcher Deborah Raji, believe this focus could lead to policies that ignore current AI challenges.

The Ethical Quandary There’s a growing concern about potential conflicts of interest. Some believe that AI fellows, funded by organizations with vested interests, shouldn’t be in positions to draft or influence legislation.

The Counter Movement While Open Philanthropy and its network are well-organized, there’s a rising group of AI experts and civil society groups pushing for a focus on the immediate challenges posed by AI.

The influence of Silicon Valley billionaires on AI policy-making in Washington is undeniable. As the debate on AI’s future and its regulation intensifies, the direction in which these influential fellows steer the conversation will be crucial.

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