In a groundbreaking move, Getty Images has unveiled an innovative AI tool designed to address one of the most significant copyright issues in the world of artificial intelligence. Getty Images CEO Craig Peters showcased this tool at Vox Media’s Code Conference 2023, emphasizing the company’s commitment to respecting artists’ copyrights and rewarding them for their original works.

A Solution to AI’s Copyright Problems

  • Getty Images CEO Craig Peters believes in a world that rewards intellectual property investment.

  • Getty Images sued Stability AI over copyright concerns regarding their AI image generator, Stable Diffusion.

  • Getty has developed its own AI image generator, “Generative AI by Getty Images,” designed to avoid major copyright issues.

  • This AI tool is exclusively trained on images owned by Getty Images, eliminating third-party intellectual property risks.

Ensuring Copyright Compliance

  • The tool is “entirely commercially safe” and cannot produce third-party intellectual property or deepfakes.

  • Getty’s AI tool only uses data from images it owns, ensuring artists’ rights are protected.

  • Getty commits to covering legal costs for customers in case of AI image-related lawsuits.

Rewarding Creators Fairly

  • Getty’s AI tool rewards creators as it becomes more popular over time.

  • Currently, Getty relies on a fixed model to determine creator rewards based on the content’s proportion in the training set and its performance in licensing.

  • Getty is open to exploring fairer ways to reward creators based on customer feedback and evolving methods.

Addressing Unfair Competition Concerns

  • Getty acknowledges concerns about unfair competition but emphasizes that artists’ main concern is protecting their intellectual property.

  • Peters believes IP owners should have the right to decide if their content is used in training and should be compensated accordingly.

  • Getty aims to create a better, socially responsible output through its AI model, proving that good-quality ingredients lead to better results.

Looking to the Future

  • Getty Images may collaborate with brands owning image rights to create custom AI image generators.

  • The company plans to submit a brief to the Copyright Office’s active open submission period for AI copyright guidance.

  • Peters remains optimistic that a reasonable consensus will be reached regarding AI copyright regulation.

Getty Images’ pioneering AI tool not only respects artists’ intellectual property but also sets a precedent for responsible AI usage in the industry. This innovative approach aims to create a world where creators are fairly compensated for their contributions, reinforcing the idea that AI can be a force for positive change

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