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  • 🤑 OpenAI’s Revenue Crossed $1.3 Billion Annualized Rate, CEO Tells Staff

  • 📚 Everything You Need to Know Before Getting Started with Large Language Models

  • 📝 State of AI Report 2023

  • 🧰 Various AI-related tools and platforms. AI SQL writer, paper explainer, meeting prep tool, free open-source headshot generator, AI mentor app, turn Figma comments into tasks, supervision, AI tattoo generator, and more.

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Key themes in the 2023 Report include:

  • GPT-4 is the master of all it surveys (for now), beating every other LLM on both classic benchmarks and exams designed to evaluate humans, validating the power of proprietary architectures and reinforcement learning from human feedback.

  • Efforts are growing to try to clone or surpass proprietary performance, through smaller models, better datasets, and longer context. These could gain new urgency, amid concerns that human-generated data may only be able to sustain AI scaling trends for a few more years.

  • LLMs and diffusion models continue to drive real-world breakthroughs, especially in the life sciences, with meaningful steps forward in both molecular biology and drug discovery.

  • Compute is the new oil, with NVIDIA printing record earnings and startups wielding their GPUs as a competitive edge. As the US tightens its restrictions on trade restrictions on China and mobilizes its allies in the chip wars, NVIDIA, Intel, and AMD have started to sell export-control-proof chips at scale.

  • GenAI saves the VC world, as amid a slump in tech valuations, AI startups focused on generative AI applications (including video, text, and coding), raised over $18 billion from VC and corporate investors.

  • The safety debate has exploded into the mainstream, prompting action from governments and regulators around the world. However, this flurry of activity conceals profound divisions within the AI community and a lack of concrete progress toward global governance, as governments around the world pursue conflicting approaches.

  • Challenges mount in evaluating state-of-the-art models, as standard LLMs often struggle with robustness. Considering the stakes, a “vibes-based” approach isn’t good enough.

Other stuff

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Tools & LinkS

Editor’s Pick ✨ allows you to upload any academic paper, highlight a text which results confusing to you, and get a clear explanation.

Editor’s Pick ✨

BlazeSQL – Stop wasting time writing SQL queries.

AI Headshot Generator – A Professional AI headshot generator starter kit powered by Next.js, Leap AI, and Vercel. Free and open-source

Mentor.AI – Unlock growth potential with AI mentors

DesignPro – Use AI to transform your Figma comments and Zoom calls into actionable tasks

Deasie – Data Governance for Language Model Applications

Lakera – Protect your LLM applications against security threats, instantly.

Supervision – Effortlessly build advanced video analytics. Trackers, Zones, Annotators, and much more.

Photoshift – Swap your product into a mid-journey scene

Keywords AI – GPT-4 quality LLM API at a fraction of the cost

VENTA – Your AI shopping feed for clothes on sale

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Human evolution imagined with generative AI art

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