• Google’s Pixel 8 introduces a feature known as “Best Take”, a unique AI tool designed to perfect your photo moments.

  • It works by replacing less-than-perfect facial expressions with better ones from photos taken within seconds of the main shot.

  • Result? All your subjects could be looking at the camera and smiling, even if they weren’t originally.

  1. Face Sourcing: Best Take doesn’t create artificial expressions. It sources faces from other shots taken in quick succession.

  2. Blending: Selected faces are seamlessly blended into the main photo. It’s like an instant AI-assisted Photoshop.

  3. Caveats:

    • Continuous snapping needed for more options.

    • It won’t grab faces from videos.

    • Some results can occasionally look unnatural.

    • Doesn’t work with pets.

Navigating the Ethical Terrain

  • While this tool offers a convenient way to enhance photos, it stirs debate about AI’s role in our memory-making.

  • Photos are often seen as genuine captures of moments. With AI intervention, that authenticity could be questioned.

  • On the flip side, Google defends that Best Take only uses real faces from real moments, albeit from different shots.

  • Smartphones already beautify our photos with AI enhancements like brightening and smoothening.

  • Features like Night Sight, another Google invention, brighten dark photos by merging multiple shots.

  • But with face-swapping on phones, there’s concern over AI’s growing influence on our memories.

While Google’s Pixel 8 offers a promising way to make our captured moments more picturesque, it also prompts us to reflect on the authenticity of our digital memories. As AI further embeds itself into our daily tools, striking a balance between enhancement and reality becomes crucial.

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