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The launch of OpenAI’s GPT Store, originally announced for late this year, has been postponed to early 2024. This delay is likely due to recent leadership changes within the company. Axios reported on this development, citing a memo to users and developers, which mentioned the delay and promised enhancements like a better configuration interface and debug messages.

During OpenAI’s Dev Day conference in November, where the store’s launch was announced, there were many uncertainties about its operation, particularly regarding pricing and developer compensation. A conversation with then-CEO Sam Altman and CTO Mira Murati revealed that details were still being finalized.

The leadership turmoil and the close proximity to the winter holidays have contributed to the decision to delay the launch. Until the store is officially opened, GPTs created by customers can be shared directly but will not be available for public listing or potential revenue-sharing schemes.

Create ChatGPT-powered chatbots to automate up to 70% of customer support for your website. 
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Wonderchat empowers you to create:

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OpenAI and Rain AI Deal: OpenAI, under Altman’s tenure as CEO, signed a nonbinding letter of intent to purchase $51 million worth of NPUs from Rain AI. Altman has also personally invested in Rain AI.

Rain AI’s Development: Rain AI, located near OpenAI’s headquarters, is working on NPUs to enhance AI computing power and energy efficiency. They anticipate delivering their first hardware by October next year.

Conflict of Interest Concerns: Altman’s investments and OpenAI’s dealings with Rain AI highlight potential conflicts of interest, particularly given his influential role in Silicon Valley and previous leadership at Y Combinator.

OpenAI’s Need for AI Chips: OpenAI faces challenges with AI chip availability and costs. They rely heavily on Microsoft’s cloud services but have faced hardware constraints, leading to interest in alternative chip technologies like Rain AI’s NPUs.

Investment and Security Concerns: Rain AI’s funding and partnerships, particularly with Prosperity7 Ventures, a Saudi Arabia-affiliated fund, raised national security concerns in the U.S., leading to the forced sale of Prosperity7’s stake in Rain.

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Editor’s Pick ✨

Tensor Trust is a bank powered by AI. Defend your account by instructing the AI to let you in and nobody else. Attack other players by sweet-talking your way past their defenses.

Dubbing AI – Change your voice to anyone in realtime with AI, for free

Vibrato – The AI assistant that can make phone calls.

GPTAuth – A tool tailored to enhance the protection of your Custom GPT (GPTs)

pywebagent – AI that turns website functionality into Python APIs! Control websites through Python and AI!

Plus Vector – Generate Custom Vector Illustrations with AI

Garden Of AI – First-of-its-kind generally intelligent agent

Vulse – The ultimate LinkedIn content creation tool

Human or AI? – A social game: identify image is real human or AI-generated

Dictation – Voice memos with accurate AI transcriptions

Flurry AI – Enhance your dating profile with AI feedback

Aispect – A new way to visualize events

WOV – AI-powered No-code eCommerce App Builder

Image Gallery in ChatGPT 😍

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