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  • ❤️ Hume CEO Alan Cowen on Creating Emotionally Aware AI

  • 👩‍🎤 Trolls have flooded X with graphic Taylor Swift AI fakes. Fans strike back

  • 👧 Kids spent 60% more time on TikTok than YouTube last year, 20% tried OpenAI’s ChatGPT

  • 🧰 13 new AI-powered tools and resources. Make sure to check the online version for the full list of tools.

Top News

OpenAI has made several updates to its models and pricing. The key points are:

  1. Price Reduction for GPT-3.5 Turbo API: The cost for API access has been reduced, with input prices dropping by 50% to $0.0005 per thousand tokens, and output prices decreasing by 25% to $0.0015 per thousand tokens.

  2. GPT-3.5 Turbo Model Update: A new version of the GPT-3.5 Turbo model, version 0125, has been released. It includes various improvements, although specific details weren’t highlighted.

  3. Introduction of GPT-4 Turbo Preview Model: A new preview model for GPT-4 Turbo, also version 0125, has been introduced. This model is especially enhanced for tasks like code generation and aims to reduce instances where the model might not complete a task.

  4. Upcoming GPT-4 Turbo with Vision: GPT-4 Turbo, which includes vision capabilities (GPT-4 V), is expected to be generally available in the coming months.

  5. New Text Embedding Models: OpenAI has released new and improved text embedding models, primarily beneficial for technical users.

  6. Moderation API Update: A new version of the free moderation API, version 007, has been released to help identify potentially harmful text.

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Hume CEO Alan Cowen on Creating Emotionally Aware AI

  • Hume CEO Alan Cowen discusses creating emotionally aware AI on YouTube.

  • The goal is to make AI better than humans at understanding emotional importance.

  • Hume AI focuses on predicting how actions affect human well-being rather than just financial outcomes.

  • The interview emphasizes the importance of emotion in human interaction and the role of AI in improving well-being.

  • Hume AI uses emotion recognition API, measures speech prosody, captures nuanced facial expressions, and explores the connection between expression and language to understand human emotions better.

Google Cloud has announced a partnership with AI model repository Hugging Face, which allows developers to build, train, and deploy AI models using Google’s cloud resources, including tensor processing units (TPU) and GPU supercomputers like Nvidia’s H100s, without needing a Google Cloud subscription.

This partnership provides cost-effective access to these resources for developers on Hugging Face’s platform, which hosts over 350,000 models and is valued at $4.5 billion. Hugging Face features open-sourced foundation models like Meta’s Llama 2 and Stability AI’s Stable Diffusion.

Developers can start using Google’s AI app-building platform Vertex AI and Kubernetes engine for training and fine-tuning models in the first half of 2024. Although Google Cloud is supporting open-source AI ecosystem development through this partnership, Google’s major models like Gemini and Imagen are not available on Hugging Face and are considered more closed-source.

Other stuff

Superpower ChatGPT now supports voice 🎉

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Tools & LinkS

subsgpt – Translate subtitles using GPT

Ask Incite AI about stocks and cryptos. Get real-time insights now.

DepsHub – Update your dependencies with no effort.

SteamPulse – AI powered steam game review analysis

Steve AI 2.0 – World’s 1st Next-Gen AI (Do It All) video creation platform

Sketch Logo AI – Craft logos, illustrations and tattoos in seconds with AI

Export Your ChatGPT Conversations Easily: A Guide to Using Superpower ChatGPT Extension

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