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RALEIGH – As I end this text, it’s the month of January within the yr 2023. My query is: will 2023 be higher or worse than 2022? Once we get to December of 2023, will we glance again and say, “2023 was a pretty good year” or “Wow, 2023 was horrible”?

To maintain track of issues, I’ve provide you with a recreation we will play in 2023. Let’s name it “Doomsday Bingo 2023.” Right here is the Bingo card we will be enjoying with.

Doomsday bingo card (Credit score: Marshall Mind)

In case you are not accustomed to the foundations of Bingo, it goes like this. If you may get 5 marks in any row, column, or diagonal, you “win” and shout out “BINGO!” The middle sq. is a gimme and is already marked.

Due to this fact, on this Doomsday Bingo Card we have now 24 doable doomsday occasions that we will be monitoring in 2023. If one in every of these comes true, we will mark that sq.. The query is, by December 2023, will we shout out “BINGO!”? If we shout “BINGO!”, it’s protected to say that 2023 will have been a reasonably dangerous yr. If we shout “BINGO!” twice or extra, we’re most likely witnessing the approaching collapse of human civilization.

Listed below are the 24 doomsday occasions we will be awaiting in 2023. Every time any one in every of these occurs, we will mark our Doomsday Bingo Card.

1. Russia Makes use of a Nuclear Bomb in 2023

Russia continues to threaten that it will use nuclear weapons as a part of its ongoing struggle in Ukraine. And as I write this, Russia is sending a ship with hypersonic nuclear missiles into putting distance of the USA. Due to this fact, if Russia makes use of a nuclear bomb in Ukraine, Western Europe or the USA in 2023, we will mark this sq.. Be aware that if Russia strikes the USA after which the U.S. retaliates, we’re probably to witness the collapse of human civilization. See this report.

2. Any Different Use of a Nuclear Bomb in 2023

Russia is the obvious participant to use a nuclear bomb in 2023 due to all of its public saber rattling, as seen in #1. However there are many different gamers who could be keen to cross this line in 2023 together with Iran, North Korea, Pakistan, and random terrorist teams. If we see the detonation of a nuclear bomb anyplace on the planet, we will mark this sq.. We will additionally rely the numerous use of a grimy bomb to mark this sq., for instance the detonation of a big soiled bomb in a significant metropolis.

3. A Main Hurricane Bigger than Ian Hits the USA in 2023

Hurricane Ian hit Florida in 2022 and induced greater than $50 billion in harm. If a hurricane of this magnitude hits Florida once more in 2023, it’s probably to trigger the collapse of the Florida dwelling insurance coverage market as described on this article.  We will mark this sq. if we see a hurricane occasion in the USA bigger than Hurricane Ian, or if we see the world’s first named Class 6 hurricane.

4. A Flood Extra Important than 2022’s Pakistan Flood Arrives in 2023

The flooding in Pakistan in Fall 2022 was record-setting. In accordance to Wikipedia:

  • 1,739 individuals died
  • 12,867 injured
  • 1 million individuals left homeless
  • 10–12% of Pakistan was flooded, 32,800 sq. miles (84,952 km2)
  • 897,014 homes destroyed and broken one other 1,391,467.
  • 1,164,270 livestock killed

The trigger was two-fold: 1) Local weather change elevated to energy of the monsoon season, and a couple of) Local weather change elevated glacial melting. The 2 processes mixed to create a disaster.

We will mark this sq. if we see a flood worse than Pakistan’s in 2023. Even in January 2023, California was making an attempt onerous to be within the operating with 25 trillion gallons of water dumping on the state from 9 climate-change-fueled atmospheric rivers. This video helps you perceive the atmospheric river phenomenon that hit the West Coast: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WDUgrKF6-7A

5. Warmth Waves that Trigger Extra Than 2,000 Deaths in 2023

The planet noticed a number of distinctive warmth waves in 2022 in locations like India, Europe and China. Nonetheless, none of those have been significantly deadly. We will mark this sq. if anyplace on the planet we see a heatwave that kills greater than 2,000 individuals in 2023. This video covers the European heatwave of 2022: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LovJ6Kit8MY

6. The Gulf Stream Collapses in 2023

The Gulf Stream (AKA the AMOC or Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation) is a river of heat water that naturally flows within the Atlantic ocean from the Gulf of Mexico up towards Greenland. It has various results:

  • It warms Europe
  • It lowers the ocean degree alongside the U.S. East Coast
  • It feeds plankton within the Atlantic Ocean
  • It retains water in movement slightly than the Atlantic Ocean seeming extra like a bath
  • This video helps you perceive the method of collapse: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j2ETr6X1lOk

    With out Humanity getting its act collectively, the collapse of the Gulf Stream appears practically inevitable, however most specialists are placing it a couple of years out sooner or later. If it occurs in 2023, it will be stunning.

    7. The Amazon Rainforest Begins Changing to a Savanah in 2023

    People hold burning and reducing down the Amazon rainforest, and sooner or later the “rain” in “rainforest” will cease. The rainforest relies upon of a symbiotic course of the place the bushes breathe large quantities of moisture into the environment, which then falls as rain. Reduce down sufficient bushes and the cycle stops. At that time, the bushes begin dying on their very own and the rainforest will get replaced with grasslands (AKA Savanah) or within the worst-case-scenario desert. Will the rainforest begin actively dying off in 2023? If that’s the case, we will mark this sq..

    8. A Main Crop Failure Causes Extra Than One Million Deaths in 2023

    There are a number of issues that may trigger crop failures within the world’s massive breadbasket areas. Probably the most important is lack of water for the crops, due to both drought or the lack of an aquifer. A giant flood may additionally do it. A heatwave will be highly effective sufficient to shrivel crops if it comes on the fallacious time. And we noticed the impact of struggle on agriculture when Russia attacked Ukraine in 2022. We additionally noticed how necessary fertilizer provide chains are in 2022. Will any of those issues trigger a crop failure for issues like wheat, rice, or corn such that it causes 1,000,000+ individuals to starve in 2023? If that’s the case, we will mark this sq..

    9. An AGI (Synthetic Normal Intelligence) Being Arises in 2023

    ChatGPT appeared in December of 2022 and its capabilities have been an entire shock to most individuals. Its look has pushed ahead the timeline for an AGI (an Synthetic Normal Intelligence) to step ahead and declare itself to be as sensible or smarter than the common human being. Prior to 2022, most pundits had the looks of an AGI pegged extra like 10 or 20 years away. However ChatGPT is so succesful and so stunning that some have began speaking about AGIs in a a lot nearer timeframe. If we see sentience from AI showing in 2023, we will mark this sq..

    10. Mass Layoffs Start Due to ChatGPT or a Descendent in 2023

    The opposite impact of ChatGPT (or any newer programs that seem in 2023) might be mass layoffs within the white collar world. Writers, software program builders, lecturers, and many others. may all be enormously empowered by ChatGPT, however they may even be unemployed by it. If we begin seeing important layoffs due to ChatGPT’s energy in 2023, we will mark this sq..

    11. A Mass Taking pictures Occasion Higher than Uvalde in 2023

    As we hit January 1, 2023, there was a glimmer of hope that mass shootings in the USA might need hit a peak in 2022 after which would begin declining in 2023. Nonetheless, once we have a look at the Wikipedia web page that tracks mass shootings, 2023 is already off to a foul begin. If we see a mass taking pictures in 2023 that’s worse than Uvalde, or if the Wikipedia Mass Taking pictures web page comprises greater than 800 shootings once we have a look at it once more in December, we will mark this sq..

    12. A Important Grid Failure in the USA in 2023

    There have been greater than 100 sabotage makes an attempt on the U.S. energy grid in 2022. The worst was in Moore County, NC, the place the entire county went darkish for 4 days due to rifle photographs on a substation. If these saboteurs have been to coordinate their efforts, the potential for metropolis or area going darkish is a particular risk. See this video for particulars: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bPwY-FTqWxM

    Different prospects for grid failure in 2023 embrace:

    • A weather-related occasion as seen in Texas in 2021
    • An gear or laptop failure
    • An EMP assault
    • A photo voltaic occasion like a Coronal Mass Ejection

    If we see a significant energy grid failure in the USA in 2023, we will mark this sq..

    13. One thing Important in Antarctica Breaks Free in 2023

    There are a number of scenarios that may happen in Antarctica that will mark the start of serious sea degree will increase. Instance: the Thwaite’s glacier may break free and begin its slide into the ocean. There are a number of different scenarios like this. The collapse of the Thwaites glacier will not be anticipated to begin for five+ years, however who is aware of? Perhaps we get an Antarctica (or Greenland) shock in 2023? If that’s the case, we will mark this sq..

    14. A U.S. City/Metropolis Runs Out of Water in 2023

    Even with all of the rain that California acquired in January of 2023 (see #4), the American Southwest nonetheless has a water downside attributable to a long-term drought and mismanagement of the Colorado River. We noticed an inkling of what could be coming when the Rio Verde space exterior Scottsdale, AZ bought its water provide minimize off in 2022. See this video for particulars: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JgOQbzeejdg

    Maybe 1,000 individuals have been affected. If we see related issues in 2023 affecting 10,000+ individuals, we will mark this sq..

    This text from the New Yorker sheds extra gentle on what is occurring within the American Southwest:

    The Water Wranglers of the West Are Struggling to Save the Colorado River

    One other risk is one other municipal water system collapse as see in Jackson, Mississippi in 2022.

    15. A Collapse of an Ocean Ecosystem in 2023

    Humanity is doing its degree finest to destroy Earth’s oceans. Assaults on the oceans embrace:

    • Overfishing
    • Acidification
    • Sea degree rise
    • Plastic air pollution
    • Chemical/oil air pollution
    • Sewage air pollution
    • Plankton die-offs
    • Ocean overheating

    If a mixture of those results causes a fish species to collapse, a brand new dead-zone to kind, or a reef to die in 2023, we will mark this sq.. See additionally Gulf Stream Collapse in #6.

    16. New Covid Variant or New Virus Rips By way of the Human Inhabitants in 2023

    Since its begin in 2020, the Covid pandemic has killed thousands and thousands of individuals across the world, with greater than 1,000,000 deaths in the USA alone. What if a brand new Covid variant arises that’s extremely transmissible and extra deadly than something we have now seen previously? Or what if a brand new virus comes out of nowhere and kills greater than 1,000,000 individuals in 2023? If that’s the case, we will mark this sq..

    17. Asteroid Strike in 2023

    On January 26, 2023 a small maybe 15-foot-diameter (5 meter) asteroid will come very shut to Earth. The wonderful factor is that we didn’t uncover this asteroid till January 21, 2023:

    Asteroid 2023 BU about to go Earth in one in every of closest ever encounters

    “An asteroid the size of a delivery truck will pass Earth in one of the closest such encounters ever recorded – coming within a tenth of the distance of most communication satellites’ orbit.”

    A small asteroid like this, if it hits Earth on the proper angle, has the potential to trigger an enormous explosion within the environment. We noticed this in Russia in 2013: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tq02C_3FvFo

    Bigger asteroids trigger progressively bigger quantities of harm relying on their dimension and the place they land. The worst-case-scenario is an asteroid just like the one which induced the mass extinction occasion 65 million years in the past. That asteroid was maybe 6 miles in diameter.

    Any asteroid inflicting sufficient harm to enter the information cycle in 2023 will mark this sq..

    18. Main Terrorist Assault in 2023

    The occasions on September 11, 2001 have been the worst terrorist assault the world has seen, with practically 3,000 individuals killed. Since then, terrorist assaults on Western targets have been a lot smaller. Nonetheless, the potential for a deadly new terrorist assault is at all times current. If we see a terrorist assault with greater than 500 casualties in 2023, we will mark this sq..

    19. A Nationwide Financial Collapse in 2023

    As I end this text, there may be quite a lot of dialogue round the potential for the USA Congress failing to attain settlement across the debt ceiling. The concern is {that a} default on U.S. debt obligations may yield dire financial ramifications. Right here is one tackle the issue:

    What Occurs When the U.S. Hits Its Debt Ceiling?

    “Congress has authorized trillions of dollars in spending over the last decade, causing the United States’ debt to nearly triple since 2009. Over that period, the Treasury Department’s ability to borrow money to make payments on that debt has repeatedly run into a congressionally mandated limit on borrowing known as the debt ceiling. Efforts to raise or abolish the ceiling have become a topic of heated debate among policymakers; some lawmakers who decry government debt have used negotiations on altering the limit to try to force spending cuts. The congressional brinkmanship over the issue has increasingly led to disruption, including government shutdowns, and the specter of default that has threatened to push the economy into crisis. With the issue again on the table in 2023 under President Joe Biden, economists are warning of catastrophic consequences if the Treasury Department can no longer pay the nation’s debts.”

    America will not be the one nation the potential for financial disaster. Pakistan can also be in a foul scenario: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0FvtzNk3JXo

    A number of different nations are in the identical boat. Instance: Due to the financial sanctions that Russia has introduced on itself, its economic system is way much less wholesome than it needs to be. Instance: Sri Lanka is nearing collapse. And so forth.

    If we see a nationwide economic system collapse in 2023, we will mark this sq..

    20. Scientists Acknowledge that Earth has Warmed by 1.5 levels C in 2023

    Proper now, scientists are utilizing a determine of 1.1 to 1.2 levels C for the Earth’s warming:

    World of Change: World Temperatures

    “Air temperatures on Earth have been rising since the Industrial Revolution. While natural variability plays some part, the preponderance of evidence indicates that human activities—particularly emissions of heat-trapping greenhouse gases—are mostly responsible for making our planet warmer. According to an ongoing temperature analysis led by scientists at NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS), the average global temperature on Earth has increased by at least 1.1° Celsius (1.9° Fahrenheit) since 1880. The majority of the warming has occurred since 1975, at a rate of roughly 0.15 to 0.20°C per decade.”

    1.5 levels is a crucial symbolic threshold. It’s extensively agreed that if humanity may hold warming beneath 1.5 levels C, the worldwide results of local weather change can be dangerous however not catastrophic. Going previous 1.5 levels C is the trail to disaster.

    As soon as scientists thought that we’d by no means cross this threshold – that humanity would get its act collectively and sort things earlier than reaching 1.5 levels C of warming. Then the thought was 2050 as the purpose we’d cross the brink. However what if we cross this threshold a lot sooner? What if 2023 is way hotter than expectations? On the one hand it appears inconceivable that 1.5 levels C may occur as quickly as 2023. Alternatively, local weather change retains stunning us.

    If we mark this sq. in 2023 (and even 2024), international environmental collapse in a near-term future appears probably.

    21. An Earthquake or Tsunami Takes Out a Metropolis in 2023

    In 2011 Japan skilled an enormous earthquake after which an enormous tsunami. It was a one-two punch that killed over 25,000 individuals and induced billions in property harm. Here’s a recap of what occurred: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oWzdgBNfhQU

    If one thing like this have been to occur once more in a spot like Japan, China, India, or the USA, it will be a disaster. If we see an occasion like this in 2023, we will mark this sq..

    22. A Civil Warfare Begins in the USA in 2023

    There may be a lot chatter a couple of new civil struggle beginning in the USA. This video discusses the issue: https://youtu.be/QJ-w6G3LEbI?t=25

    What if a U.S. civil struggle really begins, even in a small method? If we see information shops and pundits declaring that new U.S. civil struggle has begun in 2023, we will mark this sq., after which hope that the rhetoric calms slightly than escalating.

    23. Main Wildfires in 2023

    Wildfires occur yearly. However local weather change is certainly making the issue worse. Instance: The Australia wildfires of 2020 burned over 10 million acres: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fz5Cmbl0Bv4

    The issues with wildfires are quite a few:

    • Property harm
    • Human casualties
    • Wildlife deaths
    • Habitat loss
    • Potential mudslides from burn scars
    • Carbon dioxide launch
    • Air pollution from smoke

    If we see a ten+ million acres of wildfires in 2023, we will mark this sq..

    24. Wild Card – Something Else That Makes Humanity Sit Up and Take Discover in 2023

    Let’s think about that one thing sudden occurs in 2023, and it’s important sufficient that it causes world leaders to talk about it and take collective motion. The beginning of Russia’s struggle in Ukraine in February 2022 is an instance of such an occasion. Many countries got here collectively to assist Ukraine and punish Russia. If we see one thing important like this occur in 2023, we will mark this sq..


    By compiling all 24 of the chances described above, we will create our Doomsday Bingo Card for 2023:

    Doomsday bingo card (Credit score: Marshall Mind)

    On this article we have now laid out 24 doable doomsday scenarios for 2023. If any one in every of them occurs in 2023, it will be a disaster. Any pair can be horrible. Any mixture of 5 can be horrific. However what if, subsequent December, so a lot of them occur that we are literally ready to shout “BINGO!” with this Doomsday Bingo Card for 2023? It will have been a really dangerous yr certainly.

    Right here’s hoping that Our Doomsday Bingo Card is clean come subsequent December


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