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Ilya Sutskever, a key figure at OpenAI and a major contributor to its AI breakthroughs, has become a controversial figure due to his involvement in the November board ouster of CEO and co-founder Sam Altman. Despite Sutskever’s absence from the OpenAI offices in San Francisco, his influence is still evident through his art displayed within the company.

Sutskever remains part of the company via systems like Slack, but his current and future role at OpenAI is unaddressed by the leadership. There are discussions about finding a new role for him, indicating a desire to retain his involvement.

The situation is complex due to Sutskever’s significant influence and status as a co-founder, which is far greater than other board members involved in Altman’s firing. This event led to Greg Brockman quitting and the threat of mass resignations, demanding Altman’s reinstatement and the dissolution of the responsible board.

Adding to the uncertainty, Sutskever has hired his own lawyer, Alex Weingarten, amid these internal conflicts. He is recognized internally as an AI visionary, but his academic style has not garnered as much engineer loyalty as Altman and Brockman.

Despite Altman expressing no ill will and a desire to continue working with Sutskever after returning to the company, there’s skepticism in Silicon Valley and among Microsoft insiders about the possibility of Sutskever, Altman, and Brockman effectively collaborating again. This tension, especially between Sutskever and Brockman, is seen as a violation of Silicon Valley’s norms of founders’ unity.

The scenario is further complicated by the loyalty of some OpenAI engineers to Altman and Brockman, potentially making collaboration with Sutskever challenging due to his role in the ouster. As a former employee stated, “Once trust is broken, it cannot be regained.”

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Amazon is testing a new humanoid bipedal robot, Digit, in its warehouses, created by Agility Robotics. Unlike previous warehouse robots, which were mostly cart-shaped or robotic arms, Digit has a human-like appearance, with a turquoise torso and smiley eyes. Amazon, which has invested in Agility Robotics, is using Digit to work collaboratively with employees, specifically for tasks like tote recycling.

Digit currently costs 10 to12 per hour to operate, but Agility Robotics CEO Damion Shelton anticipates this cost dropping to 2 to3 per hour as production increases. Amazon has been integrating robots into its operations for years, with a fleet of 750,000 robots already in use. These include robots named after “Sesame Street” and “The Muppets” characters, and others like Proteus and Sparrow, designed for different warehouse functions.

While Amazon asserts that these robots improve employee safety and work experience, there are concerns about job displacement and safety. Workers have expressed worries about being replaced, especially with the introduction of more advanced robots like Sparrow. Additionally, there are conflicting reports about whether robotic warehouses have higher injury rates, although Amazon claims a reduction in incident rates at robotics sites compared to non-robotics sites.

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