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OpenAI outlines the measures being taken to ensure the safe and responsible use of AI tools during the 2024 elections in major democracies. Key initiatives include:

  1. Preventing Abuse: Efforts are in place to anticipate and prevent misuse of AI technologies, such as deepfakes, influence operations, and chatbots impersonating candidates. Tools have been developed to improve factual accuracy and reduce bias, with safety features like DALL·E’s refusal to generate images of real people, including candidates.

  2. Refined Usage Policies: Policies for ChatGPT and the API are regularly updated to address potential misuse. Restrictions include banning applications for political campaigning and lobbying, prohibiting chatbots that impersonate real entities, and disallowing applications that deter democratic participation.

  3. Report GPT Flow: Users can report potential violations in the new GPT models.

  4. Transparency Around AI-Generated Content: Initiatives for image provenance are underway, including digital credentials for images generated by DALL·E and a provenance classifier to detect DALL·E-generated images. ChatGPT is integrating real-time news reporting with attribution and links for greater information transparency.

  5. Improving Access to Authoritative Voting Information: In the U.S., collaboration with the National Association of Secretaries of State (NASS) directs users to for official voting information. This approach will guide efforts in other regions as well.

Overall, these measures aim to maintain election integrity and prevent the abuse of AI tools in the electoral process. Further updates and collaborations are expected in the coming months.

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Unconfuse Me with Bill Gates and Sam Altman

A conversation between Bill Gates and Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI, on Gates’s podcast “Unconfuse Me.” The discussion revolves around AI’s development and future implications.

  1. Sam Altman’s Journey and OpenAI: Sam discusses his career, including his leadership at Y Combinator and OpenAI. He briefly mentions his temporary departure from OpenAI’s CEO position and his return due to employee support.

  2. AI Development and Future Predictions: The conversation delves into the progress and potential of AI, particularly focusing on GPT-4. They discuss the importance of multimodality (integrating speech, images, video), the challenges of reasoning and reliability in AI, and the significance of customizability and personalization. Sam predicts further advancements in AI, improving its ability to perform complex tasks and possibly contributing to scientific discoveries.

  3. AI and Society: They explore the societal implications of AI, including the potential need for global regulation for powerful AI systems, akin to the International Atomic Energy Agency’s role in nuclear energy. They also discuss the impact of AI on job markets and the importance of adaptability.

  4. Role of AI in Human Challenges: The conversation touches on how AI can address significant human challenges, such as healthcare, education, and global issues like polarization and war. There’s optimism that AI could contribute positively to human relations.

  5. AI’s Cost and Accessibility: Sam notes the rapidly decreasing costs of running AI systems, suggesting that AI could become increasingly accessible and beneficial, especially for disadvantaged communities.

  6. OpenAI’s Dynamics: Sam shares insights into OpenAI’s workforce, culture, and challenges. He describes it as a relatively small yet diverse team, not dominated by young programmers but by experienced professionals in their thirties to fifties.

  7. Personal Insights and Advice: Both Gates and Altman share their personal views on work, talent, and the importance of taking risks. They emphasize the value of diverse teams and finding one’s purpose in work.

Microsoft launches a Pro plan for Copilot starting at $20/mo

Microsoft is significantly expanding its Copilot suite, a collection of AI-powered content generation technologies. This expansion includes both consumer and enterprise sectors, aiming to transform Copilot from a costly project into a substantial revenue stream. Key points include:

  1. Launch of Consumer-Focused Copilot Pro: Priced at $20 per month, Copilot Pro is available for users with Microsoft 365 Personal or Family plans. It offers GenAI features in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and OneNote on various platforms. This plan is an add-on to the existing Microsoft 365 subscription, bringing the total cost for the lowest-tier plan to $27 per month.

  2. Enhanced Features in Copilot Pro: The Pro version includes AI-assisted writing, editing, data visualization, and email drafting in various Microsoft 365 applications. Subscribers also receive benefits like 100 daily boosts in Designer for faster and better-quality image generation, priority access to new GenAI models like GPT-4 Turbo, and future options to switch between models or use Copilot GPT Builder for more tailored experiences.

  3. Expansion of Copilot for Business: Microsoft has made Copilot available to more business customers, removing previous restrictions like a 300-user minimum. This enterprise version includes special features in Microsoft Teams, enterprise-grade data protection, and the Semantic Index for personalized responses. Copilot Studio offers further customization with the ability to create chatbots and plugins.

  4. Free Features and Mobile App: Microsoft introduced Copilot GPTs on its web client for topics like fitness and travel. A free mobile app for Copilot is now available on Android and iOS, featuring capabilities like GPT-4, DALL-E 3 for image creation, and synchronization of chat history across devices.

  5. Language Expansion: Copilot’s language support is set to grow significantly, covering languages such as Arabic, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Hebrew, Hungarian, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, and Ukrainian by the first half of 2024.

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Wonderchat 💬Build a Custom ChatGPT for your website in 5 minutes

PhotoMaker: Customizing Realistic Human Photos via Stacked ID Embedding

CodeGPT – Create React components with GPT-4-vision within VSCode 😱

Dinnerfy – Put dinner on autopilot: automated dinner & grocery ordering

Locofy – Frontend Development at Lightning Speed

Life Story AI – Your family story in a beautiful book, powered by AI

Antispace – Action-oriented AI: translate human thoughts into actions

Vanna – Chat with your SQL database – Learn Python easily with your personalized AI tutor

ABC Finder – A fun AI camera game to help kids learn their ABCs

Maximizing ChatGPT Performance: Auto-Sync and Auto-Sync Count Explained

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