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Top News

GPT 4.5 speculations confirmed by the OpenAI employee to be just hallucinations.

Recent discussions and rumors about a potential new GPT-4.5 model in ChatGPT have escalated significantly over the last 48 hours, especially on social media platforms.

Here is what we know so far:

  1. Initial Leak and Speculation: The buzz began on Thursday with an allegedly leaked image suggesting a new GPT-4.5 model, boasting advanced multimodal capabilities and revised pricing.

  2. Response from OpenAI’s CEO: Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI, offered a succinct “nah” in response to queries about these rumors.

  3. Insider Claims: Despite Altman’s dismissal, unnamed sources within OpenAI hinted that the CEO’s comment was merely playful misdirection.

  4. User Reports and OpenAI Employee Remarks: Over the weekend, several users reported that ChatGPT referred to itself as ‘GPT 4.5-turbo.’ However, another OpenAI employee, @willdepue, described this as a strange anomaly rather than confirmation of a new model.

  5. Notable Performance Improvements: Multiple accounts on X have highlighted a noticeable enhancement in ChatGPT’s performance recently, after a period of perceived unreliability.

  6. Mysterious Social Media Activity: Adding to the intrigue, the ChatGPT X account posted cryptic emoji messages (‘🧠😶‍🌫️’), which some interpret as hinting at the rumors being a mere ‘hallucination.’

  7. Current Consensus: Despite the flurry of speculation and anecdotal evidence of improved performance, official statements from Sam Altman and another OpenAI employee suggest that a new version of ChatGPT might not be imminent.

Overall, while there’s substantial excitement about the possibility of an upgraded ChatGPT, the actual existence of a GPT-4.5 model remains unconfirmed as of this week.

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ByteDance, the parent company of TikTok, reportedly used OpenAI’s API to develop its own chatbot, Project Seed, and compared it with its chatbot Doubao. This usage of the API is claimed to violate OpenAI’s terms of service, which prohibit customers from developing AI models that compete with its products and extracting data from the services except as permitted through the APIs. The Verge reported that ByteDance instructed its employees to use “data desensitization” techniques to hide this usage. Despite ByteDance claiming it was licensed by Microsoft to use GPT’s APIs, OpenAI suspended ByteDance’s account for a potential breach of terms. ByteDance clarified that while it uses GPT for non-China markets, it relies on a self-developed model for Doubao in China. The incident has raised concerns, especially in the context of U.S. regulators and lawmakers scrutinizing ByteDance over data privacy and its ties to the Chinese government.

Meta’s Chief AI Scientist Yann LeCun talks about the future of artificial intelligence

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Adrenaline – ChatGPT-style programming assistant that visualizes your code

StudyFetch – A real-time AI-powered note taker. Instantly get your lecture notes live during sessions.

Snoooz – Let AI manage your Out-of-Office

Digi – AI Romance, reimagined.

THERAi – Your supercharged personally evolving AI

PromptMule – Cache-as-a-service for generative AI app development & prod

Xmind AI – Collaborative mind mapping tool enhanced with AI

Mastering Chat Management in ChatGPT: Introducing Archive Chats in Superpower ChatGPT

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