AI-Boosted Image Generation

  • Google’s Search Generative Experience (SGE) is now leveling up with image generation abilities. Users can use prompts to generate photos, drawings, or paintings directly within SGE.

  • Upon entering a prompt, SGE showcases four image results. Users can either download the images or adjust the prompt for new outputs.

  • This is all powered by Google’s Imagen text-to-image model.

Quick Tip: The same capability will also be incorporated in Google Image search. If the desired image isn’t found, users can easily create one using prompts.

  • With prior mishaps in AI-generated images, Google limits this feature to those 18 and above.

  • Google’s stringent filtering mechanisms aim to dodge the creation of harmful or misleading content.

  • Photorealistic faces and notable personalities are off-limits to prevent misinformation.

Remember: Despite these safeguards, nothing’s perfect. Google has added a feedback feature for users to report any anomalies or misuse.

Bonus: Writing can be exported directly to Google Workspace apps like Gmail or Google Docs.

How to Spot AI-Generated Content

  • Starting tomorrow, a subset of SGE users will enjoy these features, with a broader rollout in the upcoming weeks.

  • Initially, these functionalities are limited to English users in the U.S., despite SGE’s recent expansions to India and Japan.

Note: To access these enhancements, users must opt into SGE through Google Search Labs.

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