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  • 🖼️ A watermark for AI images that you can’t edit out

  • 🙏🏼 From Meta: It is Better to Track Together

  • 🔥 OpenAI engineer talks about how he uses GPT-4 in his day-to-day workflow

  • 🛠 Various AI-related tools and platforms. A playground for CodeLlama, auto-editor and summarizer for videos, AI -powered email, a tool to run user interviews, AI analysis for surveys, your own personal stylist, and more.

Top News

Google made a watermark for AI images that you can’t edit out [Link][Video]

While generative AI can unlock huge creative potential, it also presents new risks, like enabling creators to spread false information — both intentionally or unintentionally. Being able to identify AI-generated content is critical to empowering people with knowledge of when they’re interacting with generated media, and for helping prevent the spread of misinformation.

SynthID uses two deep learning models — for watermarking and identifying — that have been trained together on a diverse set of images. The combined model is optimised on a range of objectives, including correctly identifying watermarked content and improving imperceptibility by visually aligning the watermark to the original content.

CoTracker: It is Better to Track Together [Paper][GitHub]

CoTracker simultaneously tracks the movement of multiple points in videos using a flexible design based on a transformer network — it models correlation of the points in time via specialized attention layers.

CoTracker can track every pixel in a video, points sampled on a regular grid on any video frame or manually selected points. In our testing it compares favorably against state-of-the-art point tracking methods in both efficiency & accuracy.

OpenAI engineer talks about how he uses GPT-4 in his day-to-day workflow [Link][Transcript]

Engineering expert, Doug Li, talks about his experience working at OpenAI, and how it compares to his time at early-Facebook. Listen now to learn how he uses AI in his workflows, what his favorite developer tools are, the last thing he committed to the codebase, and how he predicts AI will evolve over the next decade.

Other stuff

  • OpenAI disputes authors’ claims that every ChatGPT response is a derivative work [Link] HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

  • It Costs Just $400 to Build an AI Disinformation Machine [Link] HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

  • New Feature: Runway Motion Slider [Link] HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

  • Free ChatGPT Crash Course for Beginners [Link]

  • Tesla fires up new AI supercomputer [Link]

  • ‘Life or Death:’ AI-Generated Mushroom Foraging Books Are All Over Amazon [Link] HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

Superpower ChatGPT 5.0.0 has been released. 🎉

The most powerful release yet with Prompt Chains, AutoComplete Menu, Quick Sync, Custom Instruction Profiles, and many more features.

Superpower ChatGPT Extension on Chrome
Superpower ChatGPT Extension on Firefox
Tools & LinkS

Editor’s Pick ✨

CodeLlama Playground – A Playground for 🦙 CodeLlama in Streamlit! [Link][GitHub]

Editor’s Pick ✨

Loom AI – Record better, faster video messages with [Link]

Shortwave – Intelligent email, powered by AI [Link]

AskMore – User interviews that run without you [Link]

PeopleGPT by Juicebox – AI-powered people search and discovery. [Link]

Spacebar – Turn your conversations into tangible insights and solutions [Link]

GPT Quiz – A CLI tool for generating quiz using openai [GitHub]

TeamGPT – Collaborate in ChatGPT [Link]

Kula AI – Your AI-powered assistant to hire top talent [Link]

AI Analysis for Surveys – Get instant answers about your survey results with Sprig AI [Link]

Listen Monster – Perfectly transcribed, every time – 100% free [Link]

Typeblock – Build AI apps with no code [Link]

LangDrive – Train 50+ AI models with your Google Drive content instantly [Link][GitHub]

Peach – Your own personal stylist [Link]

Gamurai – AI creative competition iPhone app [Link]

VemoAI – Convert messy thoughts into clear text fast [Link] – An AI-powered diary to get insights in your emotions [Link]

Glov – Elevate your tagging game with AI precision [Link]

Prompt of the Day 🍭

Unclassified 🌀 

  • CopyAI – Focus on the things you love. Automate the things you don’t. [Link]

  • WFH.Team – Work from anywhere in the world [Link]

  • Best VPNs for ChatGPT

    • NordVPN – 65% off +3 extra months [Link]

    • SurfShark – 82% off +2/mo free [Link]

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Superpower ChatGPT Extension on Chrome
Superpower ChatGPT Extension on Firefox

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