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  • 💀 Sam Altman: If AGI goes wrong, oh boy, hiding in a bunker wouldn’t spare anyone’s life

  • 🔥 Midjourney’s new website has been launched in beta!

  • 🧪 This new data poisoning tool lets artists fight back against generative AI

  • 🧰 8 new AI-related tools and platforms.

Top News

Google’s internal software systems have been capturing telemetry on literally everything their engineers do, for the last 25+ years…Which, stitched together, makes an awesome training dataset for a software engineering assistant. 😁

DIDACT (Dynamic Integrated Developer ACTivity) is a methodology for training machine learning models on the entire software development process, not just the end product. This approach allows the model to better understand and align with developers’ workflows. Google’s vast software development logs fuel DIDACT, providing a rich training dataset. Key features include:

  • Multi-task model covering activities like editing and debugging.

  • Development of three tools: Comment Resolution, Build Repair, and Tip Prediction, which received positive feedback from Google developers.

  • Use of a mini programming language, “DevScript,” for expressing complex actions.

  • Capabilities include code clean-up, history-augmented code completion, and edit prediction.

In essence, DIDACT turns Google’s software development activities into training demos for ML developer assistants, enhancing productivity and work quality for software engineers.

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Sam Altman: If AGI goes wrong, oh boy, hiding in a bunker wouldn’t spare anyone’s life

Joanna Stern: What are those specific risk mitigations you’re putting in?

Mira Murati (OpenAI CTO): #1 is rolling out the technology.

The conversation discussed the advancements and capabilities of AI models like GPT-4. Topics included the human-like nature of AI, its evolution, societal impacts, and the responsibility of handling such technologies. Data usage, especially from publishers, was emphasized, underscoring the need for data that respects user comfort. There was a consensus that while AI can be personalized, it shouldn’t replace genuine human interaction. The potential of new AI-optimized computing platforms was mentioned, with NVIDIA recognized as a current market leader. The discussion also touched on AI and AGI’s significant societal impacts, highlighting potential workforce disruptions and the fast pace of technological change. There’s an emphasis on making AI accessible, anticipating job shifts, and ensuring humans remain engaged in purposeful work. Using tools like ChatGPT can help involve more people in the dialogue about AI’s societal role.

Other stuff

Superpower ChatGPT 5.0.0 has been released. 🎉

The most powerful release yet with Prompt Chains, AutoComplete Menu, Quick Sync, Custom Instruction Profiles, and many more features.

Superpower ChatGPT Extension on Chrome
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Tools & LinkS

Editor’s Pick ✨

Wonderchat 💬Instantly build ChatGPT-powered chatbots trained on website links or PDF files. [Link]

Editor’s Pick ✨

Transformers.js v2.7.0 – It adds support for 🗣️ Text to Speech w/ speecht5. This means you can now synthesize human speech directly in your browser… no server required! Watch the Demo

Replicover – Find the hottest AI models on Replicate.

Melon – Bring your second brain to life.

CopyPartner – Create true long-form blog content with AI

Prompt of the Day 🍭: Apple Name Creation

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Superpower ChatGPT Extension on Chrome
Superpower ChatGPT Extension on Firefox

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