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Top News

Google has rebranded its AI tool Bard to Gemini, introducing the advanced Gemini Advanced powered by Ultra 1.0 for complex tasks and a mobile app for on-the-go access. Gemini Advanced is part of the Google One AI Premium Plan at $19.99/month, offering enhanced conversation capabilities and integration with Google services.

The mobile app, available on Android and iOS, simplifies accessing Gemini’s features, integrating with Google Assistant on Android for seamless assistance. The updates are rolling out in the U.S. in English, with expansion plans. Google emphasizes responsible AI development and safety in these advancements.

With over 2.5 million websites generated already, Mixo is the easiest way to launch a new business or startup.

With a simple prompt, the AI will craft you an impressively professional multi-page website in seconds. In addition, it has built-in tools that let you change the theme and rewrite content with a click of a button. All are integrated with hosting, a free domain and subscriber capture out of the box.

In the first episode of “The Light Cone” podcast by Y Combinator partners Gary, Jared, Harge, and Diana. They discuss the significant impact of AI on society and startups, emphasizing that nearly 50% of their Summer 2023 batch involves large language models (LLMs). They clarify that Y Combinator’s interest in AI startups isn’t due to a specific thesis but rather reflects the interests of the smart founders applying to them. This trend underscores AI’s current importance, with GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 demonstrating substantial capabilities that have attracted attention from many smart people.

The conversation also touches on the phenomenon of founders, particularly college students, dropping out to pursue AI startups, seeing it as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. This is attributed to the level playing field in AI, where experience is less of a barrier due to the novelty of the field.

They explore the high interest in AI within startups, mentioning that prompt engineering and developer tools for AI are areas ripe for innovation. Despite the large number of startups in AI, they note a scarcity in certain niches, such as tools for government contract automation, highlighting that seemingly boring ideas can often lead to successful businesses.

The podcast emphasizes the importance of choosing the right AI applications, pointing out that integrating AI into existing user interfaces and workflows can be more effective than creating new ones from scratch. They caution against underestimating the importance of good UX design and the potential for AI to reimagine software capabilities extensively.

Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI, is aiming to significantly increase the global capacity for semiconductor production and enhance the infrastructure required to support artificial intelligence. He is reportedly seeking to raise between 5 trillion to7 trillion for this initiative, with potential investors including the government of the United Arab Emirates. 

This ambitious project is motivated by the need for more graphics processing units (GPUs) to train large AI models like ChatGPT, as the current supply is insufficient for OpenAI’s goals towards achieving artificial general intelligence. The scale of investment discussed would surpass the current global semiconductor industry’s value, posing a substantial challenge in terms of fundraising.

Altman’s strategy involves collaboration with investors, chip manufacturers, and power providers to establish new chip foundries, which would be operated by existing chipmakers, with OpenAI as a major customer. This plan is still in its early stages and faces numerous hurdles, including geopolitical considerations and the strategic importance of semiconductor supply.

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Tools & LinkS

Goody – The world’s most responsible AI model

Crux – Build your Decision-Making AI Copilot Faster than ever

Wondera – Karaoke and transform any songs in your AI voice

Retell AI – API that helps developers build human-like voice agents – Send me pics of your food, track your calories and macros

Dittto – Fix your hero copy with an AI trained on top SaaS websites

Mastering ChatGPT: Unlock the Power of Prompt Templates & Supercharge Your Workflow!

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