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  • 🧠 Arc browser’s new AI-powered features

  • 🥸 AI-generated fake ad slips through the net of TikTok’s ad vetting process.

  • 👂🏻Audiobooks are coming to Spotify Premium!

  • 🛠 Various AI-related tools and platforms. Use GitHub Copilot locally, your Personal Hollywood Screenwriter, check if an image was generated by a machine, AI emoji generator, AI that writes unit tests and validates the code, AI workers to automate your browser tasks, and more.

Top News

Arc browser’s new AI-powered features combine OpenAI and Anthropic’s models [Link]

The Browser Company has launched new AI-powered features for the Arc browser under the name “Arc Max.” These features are built using a combination of OpenAI’s GPT-3.5 and Anthropic’s models.

Arc Max offers unique functionalities such as renaming pinned tabs based on page titles, renaming downloaded files based on content, and providing summary previews of links. Users can access and customize these features through the command bar by typing “Arc Max” or converse with ChatGPT by typing “ChatGPT.”

The company emphasized the importance of integrating AI tools seamlessly into users’ workflows. The Browser Company tested various prototype features to enhance the user experience. One such feature unveiled earlier was “Boosts,” which allowed customizations on web pages. However, not all tested features made it to the final version due to performance concerns. CEO Josh Miller stated in a livestream that they would retain the current features for a minimum of 90 days while gathering user feedback to determine future iterations.

The AI team you didn’t know your company needed — until now [Link]

Not sure how to implement the right AI strategy for your product? Hire AE Studio’s world-class team of software builders to craft and implement the optimal AI solution for your business.

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Deepfake MrBeast Ad Deceives TikTok [Link]

The Deception: A sophisticated AI deepfake of the YouTube sensation MrBeast duped TikTok’s ad filtering mechanisms. This ad misleadingly presented MrBeast offering 10,000 users an iPhone 15 Pro for just $2. Given MrBeast’s reputation for jaw-dropping giveaways, many could have taken the bait.

  • Real Name: Jimmy Donaldson.

  • Fame: Notorious for wild stunts and whopping giveaways.

  • Signature Acts: Gifting homes, cars, or pitting individuals from across the globe in challenges for hefty cash prizes.

Not Alone in the Struggle:

  • Deepfakes Gaining Popularity: With AI being the talk of the town, deepfake tools are becoming readily available.

  • Targets Beyond the Youth: Other celebs like Tom Hanks and Gayle King have been victims of fraudulent deepfake ads.

  • Regulation Challenges: The FTC warns about deepfake advertising, but effectively policing it remains a hurdle.

Image content can override your prompt and be interpreted as commands. [Link]

Other stuff

  • Translating Latin demonology manuals with GPT-4 and Claude [Link] RECOMMENDED

  • The Debate on AI Replacing “Median” Workers [Link]

  • Audiobooks are coming to Spotify Premium! [Link] RECOMMENDED

  • Researchers mined an old drug forum and fed the entries to an AI. The result could augur a new class of psychedelic-based antidepressants. [Link]

  • ChatGPT’s Live News Feature Faces Resistance from Leading News Outlets [Link]

  • The Future of work is 3.5 Days: AI’s Impact on Work [Link]

  • ShellTorch flaws expose AI servers to code execution attacks [Link] RECOMMENDED

  • LinkedIn goes big on new AI tools for learning, recruitment, marketing, and sales, powered by OpenAI [Link]

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Tools & LinkS

Editor’s Pick ✨

Localpilot – Use GitHub Copilot locally on your Macbook with one click! [GitHub]

Editor’s Pick ✨

Localization in Framer – Localization has never been easier. Now with the power of AI [Link]

Script Monkey – This is Script Monkey: Your Personal Hollywood Screenwriter [Link]

WasItAI – Check if an image was generated by a machine [Link]

Emoji . is – AI emoji generator [Link]
Emojis – Another AI emoji generator [Link] (Free & Open Source)

DeepUnit – The only AI that writes unit tests and validates the code so that you know it works every time [Link]

Unitary – build context-aware AI to detect harmful content and keep brands and platforms safe [Link]

Eva Journal – A Conversational AI that Calls You, Engages In Real Conversation, And Writes Journal Entries FOR YOU! [Link][Demo]

Induced AI – AI workers to automate your browser tasks [Link]

Vidyard Prospector – Use AI to find perfect leads and send personalized emails [Link]

Dawn Al – your intelligent gateway to Ethereum. [Link]

KwikTarot – Unlock your destiny with AI and KwikTarot [Link]

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