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Artificial intelligence (AI) is making a significant impact on this year’s Super Bowl commercials, with various brands incorporating AI themes into their ads. Microsoft is showcasing “Watch Me“, a commercial for Microsoft Copilot, emphasizing AI’s role in creative processes. Google’s Pixel 8 ad, “Javier in Frame“, highlights an accessibility feature called Guided Frame, which assists people with impaired vision in taking photos, narrated by blind director Adam Morse and featuring a voiceover by Stevie Wonder.

CrowdStrike’s ad, ventures into the Old West, demonstrating the use of AI in cybersecurity against futuristic threats. Etsy humorously uses AI to suggest a gift of cheese in return for the Statue of Liberty in “Gift Mode“. Avocados from Mexico introduces “Guac-AI-mole” on its website, an AI-generated guacamole recipe feature, instead of airing a traditional Super Bowl ad. Body Armor’s “Field of Fake” commercial humorously critiques AI’s role in creating unrealistic sports scenarios, emphasizing the importance of realness in their products.

These ads illustrate the diverse applications of AI, from enhancing accessibility and security to creative and humorous engagements.

Today, top-level talent use coaching to deal with the challenges they face in the workplace around

  • Leadership

  • Time Management

  • Problem-solving skills

Current apps and methodologies for professional growth are outdated

Wave has developed an innovative way to improve your skills by building daily routines.

It is measurable and easy 🔥

Leaders from Amazon, Stripe, Google, or Strapi are already using it.

Aware, an AI firm, is being utilized by major companies like Walmart, Delta, T-Mobile, Chevron, and Starbucks to analyze employee messages across communication platforms such as Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom. This technology helps companies monitor employee sentiment, and detect harassment, discrimination, and other inappropriate behaviors without revealing individual identities, except in cases of extreme risk.

While Aware’s eDiscovery tool can identify individuals for HR or security investigations based on specified risks, its analytics tool focuses on general sentiment and toxicity monitoring without personal identification. Critics, including Jutta Williams from Humane Intelligence, express concerns about privacy and the ethical implications of such surveillance, likening it to treating employees as inventory.

Aware’s technology, which has seen a revenue jump of 150% annually over the past five years, analyzes billions of messages to assess workplace sentiment and risk, raising questions about privacy, worker rights, and the potential for misuse.

Goody-2 is a new chatbot designed to take AI safety to an extreme by refusing every request and explaining how fulfilling the request could potentially cause harm or breach ethical boundaries.

Its creators, including artist Mike Lacher, aim to showcase the implications of fully embracing the AI industry’s approach to safety, dialing up the level of condescension in responses to highlight the potential absurdity. The chatbot’s overly cautious approach, while satirical, underscores the ongoing debate around the balance between AI utility and ethical guardrails.

Despite the humor, it also reflects genuine concerns about AI safety and the challenge of aligning AI behavior with diverse human values. Goody-2’s creators, part of a studio called Brain, aim to provoke thought about the prioritization of safety over functionality in AI development, even as they explore building an extremely safe AI image generator with similar principles.

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Editor’s Pick ✨

Together AI – The fastest cloud platform for building and running generative AI.

Ragas – Evaluation framework for your Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) pipelines

LoudFame – Unleash your creativity with state of art generative video

Heyday – AI copilot for your own research, notes & conversations

Capitol AI – AI content creation blending storytelling, design & research

Yuna AI – Your mental health companion – Create video ads from URLs: Web, App Store, Playstore

Niah AI – Your dedicated healthcare companion

3DAiLY Beta – Gen-AI powered platform with a marketplace for 3D industry

Seedley – AI chat agent builder, engage website visitors, drive sales

Maximize Your ChatGPT Experience: How to Manage Archived Chats with Superpower ChatGPT Extension

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