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  • 🧑‍💻 Code Llama, a state-of-the-art large language model for coding

  • 👱🏻‍♂️ Next generation face swapper and enhancer

  • 🗣️ AI Gave a Paralyzed Woman Her Voice Back

  • 🛠 Various AI-related tools and platforms, including a phone call assistant, a search tool with an AI assistant, real-time AI Copilot for Interviewees, an AI pastor, a legal AI assistant, an AI toolkit for Figma, and more.

Top News

Meta Introducing Code Llama, a state-of-the-art large language model for coding [Link]

  • Free for research and commercial use.

  • Built on top of Llama 2 and is available in three models:

  • Outperforme state-of-the-art publicly available LLMs on code tasks

FaceFusion – Next generation face swapper and enhancer [GitHub]

Try Divvy. Get $100 [Link]

Ever felt trapped in the relentless cycle of expense reports? It’s time to breathe. Introducing Divvy – where your financial management finds its rhythm. It’s not just about tracking and controlling; it’s about freedom from the mundane and regaining precious hours.

Experience Divvy. Let us show you, in just 20 minutes, a world where books close faster than a chapter in a thrilling novel. And for your time? A $100 Amazon gift card awaits.*

Less about the technical, more about the feeling. What do you think?

How Artificial Intelligence Gave a Paralyzed Woman Her Voice Back [Link]

Other stuff

  • How ChatGPT turned generative AI into an “anything tool” [Link] HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

  • Can AI Be A Startup Founder [Link] HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

  • If AI becomes conscious, how will we know? [Link] HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

  • YouTube’s new feature will identify songs just by the sound of your hum [Link]

  • OpenAI partners with Scale to provide support for enterprises fine-tuning models [Link]

Superpower ChatGPT 5.0.0 has been released. 🎉

The most powerful release yet with Prompt Chains, AutoComplete Menu, Quick Sync, Custom Instruction Profiles, and many more features.

Superpower ChatGPT Extension on Chrome
Superpower ChatGPT Extension on Firefox
Tools & LinkS

Editor’s Pick ✨

Productive AI – Just Talk! PRODUCTIVE.AI Does The Rest [Link]

Editor’s Pick ✨

Andi – Search for the next generation with an AI chat assistant [Link]

Final Round – Real-time AI Copilot for Interviewees [Link]

EmbedChain – Create ChatGPT-like bots over your dataset with three lines of code [Link][GitHub] – ChatGPT for churches [Link]

Mine My Reviews – Uncover customer gold with AI [Link]

Doppler – Engage with your fans and earn more with your AI clone. [Link]

Maxim – Let your legal knowledge speak for itself. [Link]

Daios – Teach your foundation model ethics. [Link]

LLMStack – No-code platform to build generative AI apps, chatbots and agents with your data [GitHub]

Gentrace – Evaluate and observe generative AI as a team [Link]

Profilio – Accelerate Your Recruitment With AI-Powered CV Analysis! [Link]

Jambot – An AI toolkit for Figma [Link]

CompanyGPT – Find companies by describing them [Link]

Watto AI – Transform your product team with AI-powered docs [Link]

AI Interior Decor Your Dream Home – Design your dream space with our AI interior application [Link]

ClothingAI – Design your dream clothing [Link]

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Superpower ChatGPT Extension on Chrome
Superpower ChatGPT Extension on Firefox

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