Summary: As generative AI gains traction, artists and creators are demanding fair compensation for their works used in training these models. Companies like Adobe, Getty Images, and Shutterstock have proposed creators’ funds but are unclear about how much contributors can expect to earn.

What’s the Issue?

  • Generative AI models are trained using vast amounts of data, including copyrighted works from artists and creators.

  • Artists have filed lawsuits and the public sentiment is strongly in favor of compensating these creators.

Company Approaches: More Questions than Answers

  • Adobe’s Firefly: Pays an annual bonus based on the number of approved images and their licensing metrics. How much per image? Unclear.

  • Getty Images: Plans annual payments, the amount determined by a “set formula.” What’s the formula? No details given.

  • Shutterstock: Pays through a Contributors Fund, based on the proportion of a creator’s contributions. Exact figures? Still a mystery.

Surveys and Estimates

Startups Taking a Different Approach

The Bottom Line

  • Generative AI vendors are not giving clear financial expectations for creators.

  • Artists and creators are left with only vague promises of compensation, making it difficult to decide whether to participate in these models.

In Conclusion: The dialogue between creators and generative AI companies remains inconclusive. For artists, joining these platforms is a gamble, and tech companies need to be more transparent if they aim to build a sustainable business model

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