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  • 🤯 Microsoft is going nuclear to power its AI ambitions

  • 🪞 Mirror: A hackable AI-powered Mirror on Your Laptop.

  • ☎️ Samsung unveils its generative AI model Samsung Gauss

  • 🧰 11 new AI-powered tools and resources. Make sure to check the online version for the full list of tools.

Top News

Leak: all the details about Humane’s AI Pin, which costs $699 and has OpenAI integration

Humane is launching a device called the AI Pin on Thursday, priced at 699, with a24 monthly subscription fee. The Pin is a screenless wearable that attaches magnetically to clothing and relies on voice interaction, gestures, a green laser projector for visual feedback, and a touchpad. It incorporates a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, a camera, depth, and motion sensors, and can connect to Bluetooth audio devices. The device runs on a proprietary operating system called Cosmos and offers functionalities like message composition, email summarization, language translation, nutritional information identification, and Tidal music streaming with an “AI DJ” feature. Storage and unlimited AI model queries are included in the subscription, which also provides a phone number and cell data through a Humane-branded service using T-Mobile’s network. The Pin promises integration with various AI tools, possibly including GPT-4, and is managed via a platform called Humane will officially announce the device tomorrow, providing more details on its capabilities and shipping information.

The Next Smart Home Staple

Where were you when Amazon acquired Ring for $1B? Or when Google bought Nest for a cool $3.2B?

Hopefully, you were invested in those promising startups. But for those that missed out, the next groundbreaking Smart Home innovation has arrived 一 RYSE.

The Smart Shades race is on, and RYSE is in pole position due to their:

Unmatched Features: RYSE has the only retrofit design to motorize existing window shades, and can be seamlessly controlled by voice, smartphone, or schedule.

Smart Price: Priced at 169 vs. competitors’ pricing of up to1,000 per window, RYSE is uniquely positioned to bring luxury window shades to every home and business.

Mirror: A hackable AI-powered Mirror on Your Laptop.

Mirror is a web app that constantly watches the real-time video feed from the webcam and responds with comments.

  1. 100% Local and Private: Try all kinds of ideas. Don’t worry, everything happens on your laptop with NO Internet connection.

  2. FREE: Since the AI model is running 100% on your machine, you can keep it running forever and experiment with different things.

  3. Hackable: Simply by changing the prompt (or tweaking the code), you can easily repurpose Mirror to do different things.

Copilot transforms GitHub into an AI-powered developer platform

GitHub has expanded its vision for the future of software development with the integration of AI, particularly through the introduction of Copilot X. Copilot X marks a fundamental transformation in the GitHub platform, integrating AI into every stage of the developer lifecycle.

GitHub Copilot Chat, powered by GPT-4, will become generally available in December 2023 and aims to make coding more intuitive by using natural language. It will be available for existing GitHub Copilot subscribers, including free access for certain groups like students and open-source contributors.

  • Improved code suggestions and explanations using GPT-4.

  • Contextual code-aware guidance and generation.

  • Inline chat for real-time collaboration on code.

  • Slash commands for quick task execution.

  • Smart actions for workflow efficiency.

  • Extension of Copilot Chat to JetBrains IDEs.

GitHub Copilot Chat will also be integrated into GitHub’s website and mobile app, making the AI companion accessible directly on the platform and on the go.

GitHub Copilot Enterprise is introduced to tailor AI capabilities to an organization’s specific codebase, offering suggestions, documentation help, and rapid pull request reviews, all with enterprise-level security. It will be available in February 2024 at $39 per user per month.

Other stuff

Superpower ChatGPT 5.0.0 has been released. 🎉

The most powerful release yet with Prompt Chains, AutoComplete Menu, Quick Sync, Custom Instruction Profiles, and many more features.

Superpower ChatGPT Extension on Chrome
Superpower ChatGPT Extension on Firefox
Tools & LinkS

Editor’s Pick ✨

Sutro – AI-powered app creation with no coding required

Image2Json GPT – Extract any text from your image and get it as a JSON

Codebay – Learning Python on the phone with AI tutoring

vimGPT– Browse the web with GPT-4V and Vimium

Mayday – Your AI scheduling co-pilot

Semiring AI – Create powerful ML models from 5 data samples

Prompt of the Day 🍭: SAGE

Click on the image to load the full prompt in ChatGPT (requires Superpower ChatGPT)

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Superpower ChatGPT Extension on Chrome
Superpower ChatGPT Extension on Firefox

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