• The web is becoming more polarized than ever. The ease of commenting on platforms has led to passionate conversations, but not always civil ones.

  • When polarizing subjects like US gun regulations crop up, debates can become particularly aggressive.

The Solution in Sight Researchers at Brigham Young University and Duke University may have cracked the code to more harmonious online interactions. Here’s their approach:

  • A total of 1,574 people participated in their study, discussing the touchy subject of gun regulation.

  • Participants were paired with folks who had opposing views.

  • A twist: Some conversations were aided by GPT-3, offering users suggestions to rephrase their comments more politely.

  • Key point: The AI’s suggestions didn’t change the core content but made it sound more courteous.

  • Each chat had an average of 12 messages, and GPT-3 intervened with 2,742 polite rephrasing options.

  • Most users (two-thirds, in fact) preferred the AI’s version over their original phrasing.

  • The golden nugget? Users on the receiving end of these AI-refined messages felt the quality of the conversation was higher. They were more inclined to listen to opposing views, feeling the conversation was less divisive.

What Does This Mean for the Digital World?

  • According to David Wingate, a co-author of the study, such AI tools could be a significant step towards combating online negativity.

  • Traditional methods, like professional training on digital politeness, have their limitations. AI tools can be implemented across multiple platforms, benefiting a broader audience.

The Bigger Picture The future looks promising. With ethical applications of AI, like this one, the web can evolve into a space of productive and respectful discussions. As Wingate envisions, there’s hope that institutions like BYU will spearhead such positive change, preparing the next generation to harness information constructively and eth

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