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  • 💃 AI Girlfriends: Addressing the Loneliness Epidemic?

  • 😱 Stephen King Isn’t Afraid of AI—His Books Have Trained It

  • 📚 Crafting an AI Game Character using ChatGPT & Python

  • 🛠 Various AI-related tools and platforms. Make video with realiztic AI avatars, an free open-source AI web scrapper, a prompt management tool, AI meme creator, learn any IT skill in 1 day, AI colorizer, personal AI therapist, and more.

Top News

AI Girlfriends: Addressing the Loneliness Epidemic? [Link]

AI girlfriends offer emotional support and companionship, combating loneliness. Constantly available with tailored interactions, they fill the void of isolation, providing understanding and connection.

The downside of AI girlfriends includes the risk of emotional dependency and social isolation, as users risk becoming overly reliant on these virtual companions.

Stephen King Isn’t Afraid of AI—His Books Have Trained It [Link]

Stephen King, the iconic horror author behind novels like “It” and “The Shining,” believes that opposing AI is futile—and he should know, since his works have already been used to train it.

In a world where artificial intelligence is rapidly becoming a part of our daily lives, the debate over its use in creative fields is heating up. The best-selling author recently penned an op-ed for The Atlantic, after the publication found through analysis that his works were used to train various models.

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In-Depth Tutorial: Crafting an AI Game Character using ChatGPT & Python [Link]

Other stuff

  • Build a chatbot with custom data sources, powered by LlamaIndex [Link] HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

  • Using Code Llama with Continue [Link] HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

  • Despite Cheating Fears, Schools Repeal ChatGPT Bans [Link]

  • Use AI to search any documentation site right in your IDE [Link]

  • Matt Mochary is a Silicon Valley legend. He’s coached the founders of OpenAI, Notion, Rippling, Robinhood, Coinbase, Reddit, Naval, and many others. His entire course is open-sourced, even the templates. Here’s the [Link] HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

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Tools & LinkS

Editor’s Pick ✨

Pipio – Make personalized video content with realistic AI avatars [Link]

Editor’s Pick ✨

Morphix – Describe the data you want, export a .csv in seconds [Link][GitHub]

Prompt Folder – A prompt management tool [Link]

Levi V2 – Build stunning AI-powered websites in seconds [Link]

Meme Creator – Craft memes with an AI and share the fun today [Link]

Altero AI – Access detailed business research on any company [Link] – Learn any IT skill in 1 day [Link]

Layla – Private AI that runs completely offline on your device [Link]

AI Locater – Find AI tools for your task [Link]

Triplay – Playful AI journey planner [Link]

uProposalGPT – Smart proposal builder, made for freelancers & agencies [Link]

Can You Out Tweet an AI? – Compete against an AI to see who can craft the best tweets [Link]

LightspeedGPT – Multithreading for OpenAI calls with robust error handling [Link]

BabyVisageAI – See what will look like your future baby using AI [Link]

Katch – Say goodbye to back-and-forth emails and scheduling headaches [Link]

Texthub AI – Ultimate productivity tool – Free [Link]

MindPal Search – Discover more, search less with an AI companion on the web [Link]

GenesiAI – Create your ChatGPT custom plugin in a couple of clicks [Link]

AIColor – Colorize your old Photos with the power of AI [Link]

Pgrammer – Master code interviews w/ hints when stuck & analysis by GPT [Link]

Lily – Your personal AI therapist [Link]

Unriddle – Remarkably fast research [Link]

Prompt of the Day 🍭

Unclassified 🌀 

  • CopyAI – Focus on the things you love. Automate the things you don’t. [Link]

  • WFH.Team – Work from anywhere in the world [Link]

  • Best VPNs for ChatGPT

    • NordVPN – 65% off +3 extra months [Link]

    • SurfShark – 82% off +2/mo free [Link]

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