Introducing Firefly’s Next Generation

Adobe unveiled the next-gen of its Firefly AI models, packed with robust features to amplify Illustrator, Adobe Express, and Photoshop’s text-to-image functionality.

Did You Know? Adobe’s comparison reveals that Firefly Image 2 can depict even subtle details like the sugary wrinkles on marshmallows!

Adobe’s Generative Match: Replicating Styles with AI

Adobe’s “Generative Match” is a futuristic feature that lets users:

  • Mirror styles from selected or uploaded images.

  • Control resemblance levels using an intuitive slider.

  • Automatically tag AI-generated images with content credentials for easy identification.

However, there are some protective measures:

  • Users must adhere to Adobe’s terms and confirm they hold rights to the uploaded images.

  • While still in beta, the commercial use of this feature is restricted.

  • Adobe aims to strike a balance between creativity and originality protection.

New Models on the Horizon

Bonus Feature: Adobe’s Illustrator beta also packs tools like “Mockup” for 3D staging and “Retype” for vector font identification.

Comparison Corner: This feature resembles Canva’s Magic Design, allowing users to produce unique designs with simple descriptions.

The Road Ahead

Though currently in beta, Adobe’s rapid pace in integrating AI into its suite suggests these innovations might soon be available for wider use. With over 3 billion images already produced using the original Firefly model, Adobe is racing ahead, keeping competitors at bay

Superpower ChatGPT 5.0.0 has been released. 🎉

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Superpower ChatGPT Extension on Firefox

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