“Growing is a top sport. Raising the bar, a little higher every time. That is only possible with the right information about growing conditions, performance, yield, and much more. Today’s information, but also information gathered in the past. In other words, data. More and more possibilities are available to collect data, such as cameras, sensors, PLC’s, and processing computers. And nowhere are these data so useful as in a vertical farm,” shares Quinten van Senten, Data Professional at Bosman Van Zaal  

Optimum management of a vertical farm with data
Since a vertical farm is a totally closed rising surroundings with none exterior influences, in line with Quinten, optimum management is important. Furthermore, it’s comparatively simple to accumulate massive portions of correct and dependable data in a vertical farm. Particularly when evaluating it to a extra conventional greenhouse. And he who sows data can reap perception and due to this fact increased returns.

Quinten continues, every thing begins along with your imaginative and prescient of your organization’s future. Which market do you need to concentrate on? And what does that imply for cultivation, personnel, bills, format, or inside processes? Then it’s a matter of data acquisition and the best data administration platform. In order that data additionally begins working to your firm by creating perception.

The POLARIKS platform by Bosman Van Zaal
“For data management, Bosman Van Zaal offers the POLARIKS platform. This allows a production company to process, compare, and analyze data easily, clearly, and quickly for optimal cultivation. The platform makes the cultivation process manageable and the products traceable with the help of batch-driven data registrations. But other parts of operations can also be measured. Examples include labor, maintenance, energy costs and processing,” he notes. 

The POLARIKS platform, due to this fact, consists of a number of modules: Data and Evaluation, Digital Twinning, Predictive Upkeep and Efficiency Administration, and Hyperspectral Picture Recognition.

On high of that, the platform unlocks, organizes, compares, and shows the data in these modules, and presents this in a dynamic, customizable, and user-friendly person interface. Moreover, POLARIKS is straightforward to scale up or down.

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