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The highest quality AI footage in the world. This showcase episode demonstrates the future of news and lets users access stories in a new way. Experience events like never before through a combination of techniques including language translation and AI-generated imagery and video. See how this new technology can be used to deliver trustworthy news and keep us informed.

Do you need to add more security frameworks to your existing compliance program, but don’t know where to start? Scaling your compliance program can feel like you’re proving your security from scratch. It doesn’t have to.

Vanta’s ultimate guide to scaling your compliance program shares strategies and best practices for adding compliance standards without adding to your workload.

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Tesla has introduced “Optimus Gen 2“, a new version of its humanoid robot. The initial unveiling of Optimus faced skepticism due to its underwhelming demonstration and the use of a dancer to represent the robot. However, Tesla’s progress with Optimus has been gaining credibility, particularly after their 2023 shareholders meeting, where they showcased more advanced prototypes performing useful tasks.

The Optimus Gen 2 features Tesla-designed actuators and sensors, making it more refined. Improvements include a 30% increase in walking speed, a 10 kg weight reduction, enhanced balance, and the ability to perform squats. A significant upgrade is seen in its hands, which are now strong enough for heavy lifting yet precise for handling delicate objects.

Tesla plans to use the robot in its manufacturing operations and eventually sell it. Elon Musk, Tesla CEO, has high expectations for Optimus, predicting that it could become the majority of Tesla’s long-term value, with potential demand reaching 10 to 20 billion units.

This update focuses on the robotics aspect of Optimus. While progress in robotics is notable, the AI system, which is crucial for the robot’s functionality, remains a concern. The AI is based on Tesla’s Full Self-Driving (FSD) Beta, which is still under development. The effectiveness of Optimus’s AI remains to be seen, as it depends on the success of the FSD program.

The user shared their experience with transcribing handwritten journal entries using various tools. Initially, they tried Apple iOS’ built-in text recognition, which recognized only about half of the words. Then, they used the Readwise app, which recognized even less (around 20%) as it seemed to be more suited for printed text. However, when they used ChatGPT for this task, the results were significantly better, with ChatGPT achieving near-perfect transcription.

Although ChatGPT made three errors, these mistakes were interesting because they showed the model’s ability to use context for interpretation. For instance, “Traumas” was transcribed as “wounds,” and “My” as “any,” both maintaining the meaning in context. The only error unrelated to context was a date misinterpretation (“20” transcribed as “28”). This experience highlighted a key insight: effective handwriting recognition requires not just reading the text but also ‘thinking‘ and contextual understanding to fill in gaps caused by unclear, idiosyncratic, or misspelled handwriting.

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Ideaflow – Instant thought capture app with voice, AI & more

Hi Santa – Talk to Santa and friends like never before v3 – An app that helps plan multi-city euro trips in a few clicks

MagicDocs – Let AI bring order to your document chaos

Fakeface – Online face swap tool for videos, photos & GIFs

Maximizing Productivity in ChatGPT: Mastering Advanced Folder Feature in Superpower ChatGPT – Part 2

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