In the illustrious corners of the Bay Area, resides a sanctuary for AI enthusiasts, AGI House. The extravagant mansion, valued at a staggering $68 million, is where the brightest minds of the AI industry, ranging from developers to entrepreneurs, converge to blend the strokes of innovation with the hues of technology.

Founding Purpose

The man behind the mission, Rocky Yu, envisaged AGI House as a medium to foster connections, embodying the spirit of harmonious collaboration. The house, a silent spectator to the tireless toil of its occupants, bears the hopes of advancing artificial general intelligence (AGI), the zenith of AI, capable of human-level intellectual acuity. Yu’s journey, a paradigm of relentless pursuit, spans from the rustic realms of rural China to the elite corridors of Stanford Business School, culminating in the birth of AGI House.

Character and Constraints

While the demeanor of the mansion echoes the grandiosity of a bygone era, its pulse aligns with the precision and discipline of a Silicon Valley establishment.

  • Strict Professionalism: Alcohol remains absent, and parties are non-existent.

  • Focus on Ambition: The air is thick with a sense of purpose and unwavering dedication.

  • Selective Cohort: Residents are either Yu’s acquaintances or share his insatiable appetite for innovation.

Resident Roster

Harboring potential tech billionaires, AGI House stands as a beacon of ambition.

  • Tom Lu: Co-founder of Chai, a chatbot venture valued at $200 million.

  • Dina Yerlan: A former Adobe employee with a keen interest in operational excellence.

  • Josh Payne: The brain behind a billion-dollar venture, Autograph, focusing on non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Day-to-Day Dynamics

  • Work-Centric Conversations: Discussions revolve around AI advancements and capital-raise strategies.

  • Minimalist Lifestyle: Luxurious rooms contrast with sparse furnishings, resembling a tech-centric monastery.

  • Unconventional Choices: Despite the available opulence, some, like Payne, prefer the humble confines of a car for sleep, fueling the constant hustle.

Location and Lifestyle

Nestled in the affluent suburb of Hillsborough, far from the hustle of Hayes Valley’s “Cerebral Valley,” AGI House is an emblem of solitude amidst luxury, with its vast landscapes hosting lemon groves and hidden Zen gardens. The residents, often immersed in their quests, rarely indulge in the manifold amenities the estate offers.

The Future and the Fearless

The residents, bearing the torch of innovation, are sanguine about AI’s potential to redefine work realms. The impending advent of AGI does not cast shadows of obsolescence but rather beams of opportunities yet to unfold.

AGI House, the crucible of innovation, fosters not just technological advancement but also a synergy of minds and missions. The relentless pursuit of the residents, under the watchful eyes of Rocky Yu, resonates with the pulse of an evolving industry, ready to embrace the limitless horizons of Artificial General Intelligence.

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